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At JCS we believe in the Four Cs of jewellery making - cut, clarity, colour & carat.

Cut - We ensure that we get the best cut of our products through our sources; jewellery is born in this phase.
Clarity - Clarity of a diamond implies purity; our products showcase the diamond in its clearest form.
Colour - Our diamonds are transparent; a colourless diamond is always the best .
Carat - Jewellery is ultimately judged by the carat; our products have variety and purity.
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Craftsmanship decides the appeal of the product and variety is an important aspect of that. We work with a variety of designers from all around the world which helps create unique styles thereby achieving the appeal factor across various customer demographics.


Exclusivity and JCS Jewellers are inseparable. All of the well-crafted jewellery ornaments made out of Gold, Diamond, Silver and Platinum are exclusively found only in our jewellery showroom in T.Nagar, Chennai. We work with our expert jewellery designers to create the best ornaments that makes you look extra special and vibrant amongst the rest. We also ensure that the jewellery that you buy is appealing to your customs and traditions.
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The JCS in-store experience, product briefing, creative suggestions and client delight measuring parameters help us achieve a very high standard of customer service. Even our filter coffee is sought after!