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Traditional & Contemporary Gold Jewellery in Chennai

Gold is a symbol of culture, purity and emotional values. At JCS jewellery we have the latest collection of intriguing gold jewels that would make the perfect bride. A wedding is a family affair. One wedding in the family calls for new bangles, necklaces and earrings for everyone. JCS is one of the gold jewellery shops in Chennai that understands the bond that families share and design jewels that are artistically rich and suits each woman that wears it, perfectly. Our bridal jewellery is the culmination of beauty and elegance.

We also create custom jewellery that is crafted by our finest goldsmiths with precision and care. Our in-house personnel will help you to choose the right piece of jewel that matches your personality. Stylish office wears, antique designs for a queen-like wedding, shimmering gold jewellery embedded with precious stones, we have gold jewellery for every occasion, be it huge or small. Visit our retail outlet in t nagar to know more about what kind of gold jewellery suits you and what captivates your spirit.

Our clientele is our number one priority. The comfort of the wearer - this is one area that we concentrate the most on. Our gold jewellery designers get their inspiration from the most fascinating places and incorporate as many details as possible to create marvel. For our designers to our goldsmiths to our sales personnel at our outlets, all of them work towards precision and providing the best for each one who wears our gold collection.

Quality is essential and can assure you that from the smallest to the largest pieces all of our jewels are doubled-checked for their quality. We set a standard in the market for providing quality pieces. We believe that a piece of jewellery chooses you as there is a story behind its creation. Celebrate life with our thoughtful gold jewellery that personifies all that represents you, as you are. Our retail outlet in t-Nagar is one of the best for purchasing alluring jewellery shops in Chennai.


    Every occasion like your wedding or in any public gatherings, it calls for amoment to keep yourself look decorative. Usually, you would like to wear the best designed jewellery ornaments of Gold for these events. Many women use gold bangles of unique designs as it is the most common feature in Indian Wedding. JCS Jewellers, located at G N Chetty Road in T Nagar, Chennai, has collections of well-designed gold bangles for brides at a best price in the market. We make some of the stylishly designed gold bangles of varied sizes from a slim to a very broad type of bangles that you can wear for your daily use apart from wearing it for wedding and other events. So visit our jewellery store now and be dazzled by wearing our gold bangles that makes you go WOW!

    If you love that dangle in your ears, then JCS Jewellers has what it takes in offering you a wide range of gold earrings design that makes your ears glitter. Every gold pieces are artistically moulded together in shaping up your preferred gold earring model that makes you look spectacular for every occasion that you go. So we just don’t make a circular earring that you get anywhere else in town. Instead, we focus on producing a peacock shaped, or a customized shape of your choice type of beautiful gold earrings that is unmatchable for lifetime.

    For getting that glittering look around your neck for your wedding, JCS Jewellers has some of the best and well-crafted gold necklaces for women. Buying a gold necklace for women is the best gift that a father can give to his daughter to make the wedding grander. We have some of the unique, special and well-crafted gold necklace designsthat would make you look shining and make people go amazed. Our numerous number of gold jewellery necklace designs makes it a wonderful way to visit our jewellery store in T.Nagar, Chennai and celebrate every festival in a grand style. Because we believe that your investment in a gold necklace should give you an everlasting happiness. Visit Now!
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    Whether it is a wedding ring, or an engagement ring, wearing them in a gold plated form is the best way of celebrating a moment. You can get the best type of gold rings specially designed for ladies right here at our jewellery store in T Nagar, Chennai.