• Silver

  • Silver has been renowned since time immemorial as a pristine metal for ornate decorations and jewellery. While it may not be as prized as gold, silver is an element that combines a world of exquisite designs and long-lasting benefits. At JCS, we bring you a vast collection of silverware that is worthy of our reputation as one of the premier silvers jewellery shops in Chennai.


    The Benefits of Silver

    Durable: Silver is highly resilient to weathering, making for timeless collections.

    Health Benefits: As a noble metal, silver is known for its antimicrobial properties.

    Versatility: Silver can be molded into a variety of trinkets and jewellery pieces, symbolizing true artistic expression.

    JCS brings you exclusive silver collections ranging from goblets to lanterns, at our luxe showroom in T Nagar. Explore the range of silverware from one of the best silver shops in Chennai, here.

    Lanterns: Usher a new light into your spaces through exquisitely crafted silver lanterns. These make for the perfect decor, whether for devotional or for decoration purposes!

    Bowls: Enjoy the manifold benefits of having silverware in your kitchen. Silverware also makes for a pristine addition to your showcases!

  • Trinkets: Intricately crafted silver trinkets that make for timeless decorations. Invoke a truly devotional vibe through our exquisitely crafted divine idol trinkets.

    Trays: Serve your guests with a signature style statement with our exquisite silver trays.

    Chests: Store your items in a stylish container with JCS’ special silver trinket boxes.

    Vases: Add panache to your floral arrangements with our specially crafted silver vases.