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Add some golden sparkle to your occasions with the collection of designer gold jewellery by JCS. Celebrate those unforgettable moments with unique master craftsmanship honed over decades. You are invited to witness our selection of luxury heirlooms, which consist of Temple…antique and uncut diamonds at our store.
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From statement diamond necklaces to chandelier earrings.. JCS has a lot to offer. Not governed by tradition alone, our fine jewellery is an unorthodox expression of unique creativity. Let the bling overpower your senses with designs from Cocktail to Fusion collection & designer to Traditional collection.


Platinum jewels are pure, rare and eternal in its power to fascinate. JCS is delighted to invite you to discover a magnificent spectrum of platinum jewellery collections whose exquisite craftsmanship reflects our decades of expertise in jewellery design and manufacturing.
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The World Of JCS


Welcome to the world of jcs where gold meets history. After decades of experience, the spirit of continuous creativity and excellence still gives birth to unique jewellery creations. Faithful to our goldsmith's traditions we have inherited from the ancient times but always in front of line with our contemporary designs, we mark the difference by our aestbetics. Our concept of timeless luxury is reflected within our authentic shapes and forms that embrace and enlighten the beauty of each woman.
Our philosophy is woven around the conception of the 'unique' and 'beauty'. With decades of experience in the art of Jewellery. geneerations of craftsmen managed to revive our techniques and place them in the context of comtemporary luxury and mordern designs, ensuring a wonderful result. An experienced team of designers, pattern-makers, gold / silversmiths,suclptors, engravers and setters, gather their tgalent along with their love for the profession and by carving precious metals, they create jewellery with a unique aestbetic perfection. JCS, celebrated the timeless of luxury with creations that reflect history, traditioin and passion for the 'unique'.
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